Argument triggers series of shootings

First Posted: 1/15/2009

PEMBROKE -- Three men were arrested early Wednesday morning and charged with attempted murder after a string of shootings left four people wounded.
The shootings occurred at six different places, all in a span of about an hour. Sheriff's deputies believe the same men committed all of the shootings. They believe an argument over a woman triggered the shootings.
In three of the incidents, the only damage was to property in what appeared to be drive-by shootings that occurred within minutes of each other.
According to sheriff's Maj. Randal Patterson, Johnny Ray Cummings, Angus Archie Locklear and Johnathan Barton were each charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury with intent to kill and six counts of shooting into occupied property.
Cummings, 28, and Locklear, 21, both of 101 Chattanooga Road in Pembroke, and Barton, 23, of 286 Redmond Road in Pembroke, were all jailed without bail.
Sheriff's Detectives Ritchie Adams, Reggle Strickland and Randy McGirt arrested the three men at a home in the Chavis Mobile Home Park about 7 a.m. Wednesday.
Eric Locklear, Brandy Lowry and Melissa Lowry, and Christopher Lee Locklear were wounded in the shootings. Eric Locklear was in good condition and Brandy Lowry in fair condition this morning at Southeastern Regional Medical Center, according to a hospital spokesman.
Melissa Lowry and Christopher Lee Locklear were treated and released from Southeastern Regional Medical Center, Patterson said.
Brandy Lowry and her niece, Melissa, were shot as Melissa drove her Ford van onto Moss Neck from Beam Road at 2:15 a.m., Patterson said. Brandy, 21, of Barker Street, was shot in the back as she sat in the passenger seat and Melissa, 20, of Chavis Mobile Home Park, was shot in the leg, Patterson said.
According to the report, as Melissa Lowry turned onto Moss Neck Road, another car approached and a man began shooting at her van. Patterson said the car drove by the van twice, with the inhabitants shooting a total of 19 times with rifles.
5 other shootings
The men also were charged with five other shootings, including two separate shootings that left two people injured.
Eric Locklear, 29, was shot in the forehead at his Lot 26 home in Chavis Mobile Home Park. Chanel Locklear, 20, who was also in the mobile home, reported the shooting at 2:21 a.m., the report said. Chanel Locklear wasn't injured. The shooting caused about $200 damage to the home.
Christopher Locklear, 19, was shot in the left foot while he was on the living room floor seeking cover from gunfire at his friend's Beam Road home, Patterson said. Locklear was shot about 2:04 a.m. Wednesday. He was treated and released at Southeastern Regional Medical Center, Patterson said.
Veronica Locklear, 41, said she was in bed when she heard someone shooting at her Lot 29 home in the Chavis Mobile Home Park. According to the report, three bullet holes in Locklear's home caused $800 worth of damage, but no one was injured. The shooting was reported at 2:13 a.m.
Derek Locklear reported that someone fired gunshots at his Lot 28 home in the Chavis Mobile Home Park at 2:14 a.m. Derek Locklear, 23, Mary Cleveland, 20 and Derek Locklear Jr., 2, were asleep when the gunfire started. No one was injured, the report said. The shooting caused $100 worth of damage to a window.
Jerry Jacobs reported that he heard gunshots at his Beam Road home at 2:34 a.m. According to the report, Jacobs, 35, Terra Jacobs, 30, and Jerrica Jacobs, 3, were in the home sleeping when the shooting occurred No one was struck.

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