Forget jail, tech school, find us a new industry

By Princess Guess

October 15, 2013

To the Editor,

Two big ideas have recently been laid out for county commissioners. One is for a technology high school, the other for a new jail.

Sadly, the only big thing about these ideas is the price tag — roughly $40 million each.

A new jail would accommodate people who take the most out of society in ways that meet or exceed the conditions in which many members of our military often live. I saw this as a Vietnam veteran.

If space is a problem at the jail, the county should look into housing inmates in tents. It is not society’s responsibility to make jail a pleasant experience. If a large part of the county’s vision for itself is a new jail, then its vision is truly limited.

As for the other big idea — a technology high school — commissioners were told that students must graduate with college or career readiness. If those goals are not already being met, then commissioners need to pay the superintendent and school board a visit.

A technology high school’s graduate would have to go elsewhere to find jobs, making it a bad deal for taxpayers.

If county officials have nearly $100 million burning hole in their pockets, then they ought to use the money to entice a Fortune 500 company to locate in Robeson County. That kind of incentive ought to be enough to turn someone’s head, and give taxpayers a better deal.

Clifton Sutton