Carter’s vision for UNCP unfair for Indian people

October 23, 2013

To the Editor,

I attended the Lumbee Tribal Council meeting on Oct. 17 because I was told that UNCP Chancellor Kyle Carter would be the guest speaker and the audience could ask questions.

Dr. Carter came into the meeting, set up his power point presentation, completed the presentation and answered three short questions from three Tribal Council members. He immediately marched out of the meeting with his six administrators from UNCP.

In my opinion Chancellor Carter displayed a disrespectful attitude toward our Indian people with his presentation. I did not see Dr. Carter talk to any Lumbee tribal members or members of the community before the meeting. I know he did not talk to any of them after his presentation. There wasn’t any welcome extended to the Tribal Council and the community people in the audience. There wasn’t any thanks for our Indian people’s struggle and sacrifice for the past 125 years to help build The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

He stressed that the high schools and educators in Robeson County are not doing their jobs getting seniors ready for applying, attending or being successful at UNCP. He said that a majority of graduating seniors should be enrolled in remedial work to prepare them for UNCP or learning a trade.

After seeing and hearing the chancellor’s presentation, I am very troubled by his vision and direction for UNCP.

This is especially troubling since American Indian student enrollment is steadily declining. I am told 23 American Indian faculty and staff have left UNCP under the leadership of Dr Carter.

I ask Dr. Carter to resign as chancellor of UNCP. I also ask that he carry with him several of the key people he has hired at UNCP who appear to have an agenda of harassing or getting rid of key administrators, faculty and staff of all races who have been employed for years at UNCP.

UNCP’s students, faculty, staff and citizens deserve better leadership for all races and all people in my professional opinion as an educator and lifelong member of the UNCP community.

Reginald Oxendine Sr.