Lumberton Drug giving away vitamins

Jaymie Baxley Staff writer

November 1, 2013

LUMBERTON — With flu season approaching, a local pharmacy is giving out free multivitamins.

Lumberton Drug is offering patients monthly packages of vitamins — no strings attached — as part of a new promotion designed to keep people in good health throughout the winter

“Our best medicine is preventative medicine,” said Jason Foil, who owns Lumberton Drug, which has two Lumberton locations. “No purchase is necessary and everyone is invited to take advantage of this free offer.”

In order to get the multivitamins, a person must must fill out a form at the Fayetteville Road or West 27th Street Lumberton Drug locations. Afterward, that person is eligible to receive a free supply of vitamins each month.

According to a statement from the store, vitamins bolster a person’s immune system and gives that person protection against cold and flu viruses.

“Introducing a wellness approach for our community is exciting,” said Melanie Carter, Lumberton Drug pharmacist. “Laying in bed sick and taking medication isn’t something most of us look forward to so an ounce of prevention can really be worth a pound of cure.”

Mike DeCinti, director of marketing and communications for Lumberton Drug, estimates that more than 500 patients have taken advantage of the program since it launched in September.

“It’s an investment that the pharmacy is making,” he said. “Giving out vitamins does cost us some money, as you can imagine, but that was never a concern of ours.”

The promotion will run indefinitely, according to DeCinti.

While DeCinti encourages everyone to participate, he feels that multivitamins are especially beneficial to children.

“If you can get kids into the habit of taking a daily vitamin, that’s something they’ll carry with them into adulthood,” he said.