Fairmont Festival chair thankful for the support

November 11, 2013

To the Editor,

Fairmont residents and visitors during the Fairmont Farmers Festival, I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for braving the rain and elements to come out to what turned out to be a beautiful day. Thank you to all the bands and queens and all the entries in the parade for showing up and making it one of our best ever. Some of our kids activities were cancelled because of the rain and I really hated that because I really wanted to make it a special day for the kids.

I want to thank you Chief Parker and all those surrounding police officers who kept the peace all day. One minor incident was reported early that morning and that was it for the day. Thank you guys for all you did to keep Fairmont safe that day. To Mayor Charles Kemp, thank you for believing in me enough to trust me with the biggest event in Fairmont. I love you and thank you for all you have done to promote Fairmont. I hope to see you all in Fairmont soon and surely the third Saturday in October 2014.

Jane Powell

Fairmont Farmers Festival