County vets take part in SNIP program

By Bill Smith

February 15, 2014

All of the county veterinary practices will again be participating in the SNIP Program. This marks the fifth year of the discounted spay/neuter initiative. Over that period of time, more than 2,000 animals have been spayed or neutered. This should translate into less unwanted animals living in our county, which then reduces animal control activities.

The program will run March 3 through March 15. The local vets discount their charges during this period and it is available to all Robeson residents. All one has to do is make an appointment with any one of the six practices. It is important to note that the vets are reducing their charges — it is not subsidized in any way.

The six participating shelters are:

— Pembroke Veterinary Hospital, 910-521-3431.

— North End Veterinary Hospital, 910-738-9368.

— Southeastern Veterinary Hospital, 910-739-9411.

— Baird’s Animal Hospital, 910-739-4998.

— South Robeson Veterinary Hospital, 910-628-7178.

— North Star Veterinary Hospital, 910-858-2525.

When a new animal is introduced into your family, it should be segregated from the other animals and family members for awhile. Many times animals are diseased and these diseases are then spread to the people or animals that they interact with. By using caution you can save some grief later on.