Thanks to those who take time to clean up roadways

March 11, 2014

To the Editor,

I read online tabout the Women’s Club and the Juniorettes picking up trash in Robeson County. We all should thank the groups and individuals who take out precious time to do this.

My job requires me to drive all over the county and Robeson County is a trashcan. I drive up and down numerous country roads, not just Interstate 95, and it is sad to drive along these roads and see all the trash that is there. It is heartbreaking.

How sad for the children who see parents and caregivers intentionally throwing out trash. It channels these children to most likely do the same thing and believe there is nothing wrong in doing it. In a few years or less, our county could be an even bigger trashcan. It doesn’t seem we could run around fast enough to hide this from visitors whether they are here with a job opportunity or not, there is too much of it.

But a big thank you to all of those who do their part to keep their land cleaned up by picking up the trash that finds its way there intentional or not.

Carol Shaw

Red Springs