Revolutionary War exhibit pops up in Hamlet

Staff Report

HAMLET — Hamlet’s Cole Auditorium is hosting a one-day Revolutionary War exhibit on Sept. 21.

“It’s Revolutionary!” is a free exhibit from the North Carolina State Archives in observance of North Carolina’s pivotal role in the push for the young country’s independence from Great Britain, according to a statement from Richmond Community College, where the auditorium is located.

Sen. Tom McInnis will open the exhibit with a welcome at 10 a.m. The exhibit continues through 4 p.m.

Archivists will be on hand to talk with visitors about America’s burgeoning independence and events that occurred in North Carolina such as the Stamp Act Rebellion of 1765, the first successful armed rebellion against British authority in America.

Documents in the exhibit will include articles from the “North Carolina Gazette” of 1765, articles from the “London Chronicle” of 1766, and a document signed by all North Carolina signers of the Declaration of Independence. Many of the documents in the exhibit are originals, while others are copies.

Richmond Community College is located at 1042 W. Hamlet Ave.

Staff Report

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