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By Juanita Lagrone - [email protected]


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For tickets or more information, visit www.Dreams2Realities.com or call 910-221-6038.

LUMBERTON — Fairmont native Jamie Pendergrass has traveled internationally empowering others and now he’s bringing his passion home to Robeson County.

He and his team at Pneuma Empowerment Group will present a workshop, “Put Your Dreams to the Test,” Saturday at the Lumberton Holiday Inn Convention Center from 9:30 a.m. to noon. Tickets will be $25 per person.

Pendergrass’ nine-and-a-half-year career as a U.S. Marine carried him away from Fairmont, and afforded him an education that eventually earned him a doctorate in theology.

“I went in to retire, but a still, small voice kept telling me there was more,” Pendergrass said Tuesday.

Pendergrass had a dream, and he knew the military was not it. While serving, he said he often faced adversity.

“The adversity became wind beneath my kite, and it sent me flying,” he said.

Pendergrass is a certified John C. Maxwell keynote speaker, executive coach and leadership trainer, who speaks at churches, conferences, schools and conventions.

“I’ve been fortunate to reach thousands of leaders,” Pendergrass said. “Even though I’ve achieved some great things, there is still that still, small voice telling me there is more. I don’t want to look around and find myself standing alone. I want to bring others with me. I want to see others see things they’ve dreamed about come to fruition.”

Through workshops, webinars, seminars and conferences, Pendergrass’ students learn how to be intentional about their growth, both professionally and personally.

“Growth doesn’t just happen,” he said. “We have to be intentional about it.”

The workshop is geared toward business owners, entrepreneurs, high school students, college students, stay-at-home parents, military officials and even those who “could have started out at a convenience store and they’re still there trying to figure out life.”

Pendergrass wants to help them work past the nerves and worry while pursuing their goals.

“We talk about cost because the dream is free but the journey is not,” he said. “I help people see that if they don’t sacrifice for what they want, then what they want becomes a sacrifice.”


By Juanita Lagrone

[email protected]

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For tickets or more information, visit www.Dreams2Realities.com or call 910-221-6038.

Reach Juanita Lagrone at [email protected] or call 910-416-5865.

Reach Juanita Lagrone at [email protected] or call 910-416-5865.

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