Crime report


The following break-ins were reported to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office:

Sarah Hunt, of Purvis Road, Rowland; Harvey Strickland, of Whistling Rufus Road, Pembroke; Linda Locklear, of Elrod Road, Maxton; Teresa Miller, of Modest Road, Maxton; Victoria Walters, of Odum Road, Lumberton; Justin Sanderson, of Morgan J Road, Shannon; Jenell Villanueva, of Pawleys Lane, Maxton; Emma Gail Jones, of Jacquelyn Avenue, Shannon; Retha Locklear, of Fodiesville Road, Shannon; Adora Foster, of Horne Camp Road, Fairmont; Aimee Devos, of Seventh Street Road, Lumberton; Jeff Locklear, of Fodiesville Road, Shannon; Linda Callahan, of Cozy Drive, Lumberton; Mary Pierre, of Van Born Drive, Lumberton; Racheal Hunt, of Nealy Avenue, Lumberton; Robert Dixon, of Marley Drive, Lumberton; Jeremiah Sanderson, of N.C. 41 North, Lumberton; Josephine Walters, of Wire Grass Road, Lumberton; James Gaddy, of Gaddy Road, Fairmont; Willette Oxendine, of Viola Road, Pembroke; M&T Bank, on Tar Heel Road, Lumberton; Joseph Crosland, of Shannon Road, Shannon; Leonard Herring, of Earnhardt Drive, Lumberton; Krislynn Byers, of Allendale Drive, Pembroke; and Vicki Bowen, of N.C. 710 South, Maxton.

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