Mother, daughter wonder where all of the jobs are

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To the Editor,

I was writing to find out why there is a problem with finding jobs in Lumberton. The government doesn’t want you on welfare, but where are the jobs? My daughter has filled out tons of applications from one side of town to the next and it seems like everybody’s getting hired but her. She has gone to all the temp agencies and she calls every day, so what do you have to do or who do you have to know around this place to get a job?

My daughter graduated from high school and I also graduated, so where are the jobs in this god-forsaken place. I’m a regular housekeeper and I can’t even find a doghouse to clean. I’m a single mom of two grown kids and a grandmother to one beautiful baby girl and I want to work and my daughter wants to work, so will somebody tell me where the jobs are.

Hazel McCray



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