Cooper needs to do his job, defend North Carolina in court

To the Editor,

Roy Cooper is not doing his job as attorney general. He should be helping the state of North Carolina with their fight in court.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a three-judge panel struck down North Carolina’s common-sense voter ID law which, I think, was politically motivated. The voter ID law here in North Carolina enjoyed wide spread popularity and helped ensure the integrity of our elections. Our court system is ignoring precedent and rejecting the will of the people.

This clearly is a political decision by the 4th Circuit and was certainly not what the people wanted and where is Roy Cooper in all of this? Not doing his job, as usual. He should either do his job or resign.

He was elected to defend the people of North Carolina and put their best interest first, but he refuses to defend voter ID in court. I think he has left us by the wayside and continued on his merry way. Maybe he is too busy planning his political career.

Cindy Blanks


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