Robeson will benefit by pickof Watkins as superintendent

To the Editor,

Rest easy citizens of Robeson County. Your school board’s selection of Dr. Rick Watkins as your superintendent will be one of the best decisions it ever made.

My two sons were fortunate to have had him as their principal almost 20 years ago at two schools in Hamlet. At the time, I didn’t know much about him, but quickly learned that he was committed to excellence and doing the right thing in all aspects of life.

When he left both schools, they had received numerous awards and were among the best performing schools around. The students and teachers alike respected him as their friend and leader. When it came to supporting or disciplining his students and teachers, there was no back-up in him, not even when political pressure was applied.

He has a way of getting both his students and teachers focused on a common goal of learning and teaching using all available resources, improvising when needed. By the way, both my sons now have college degrees, and both will tell you that they developed their yearning for more education from their teachers and experiences at the schools where Dr. Watkins was the principal.

Make no mistake about it, you are not dealing with a yes man but rather a tested leader who will defend what is right. Give him your support and follow his lead and within three years I’ll wager that there will be some apologies coming his way regarding the negative comments made by some school board members.

In case you are wondering, Dr. Watkins knew nothing about this letter — but in my book a man isn’t much of a man if he cannot come to the defense of a person as deserving as Rick Watkins. Rest easy guys, you have made the right decision.

V.P. “Veep” Nettles


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