Watkins was right to say no;school board decision wrong

To the Editor,

The hiring of someone who had not even applied for the job of superintendent of Public Schools in Robeson County just proves again the faulty decision-making of the county school board. In all the publicity, there has been no discussion of his credentials or question as to whether Mr. Lowry holds a superintendent certificate or not.

Why did the school board not go back to one of the other top candidates who had applied and were qualified for the job? The hiring of someone who was not in the original selection process truly showed the people of Robeson County and elsewhere, whether in the education field or not, why qualified people are reluctant to come to Robeson County to live and work.

Can we expect factories or other businesses to locate here when the school board reflects such an unwelcoming atmosphere? Can anyone blame Dr. Rick Watkins for refusing the job, when he had two strikes against him before starting the job? The school board’s actions only showed to him what kind of future support and cooperation he could expect.

In my opinion, he was smart to refuse accepting the position. What the school board did to Dr. Rick Watkins was wrong, wrong, wrong

Jenny J.Smith


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