Our New Media Programs:

The Robesonian has many products to help you reach out to our community through a variety of broad reaching programs like banner ads, and contests, to more targeted options like QR codes, email, and mobile. Our business directory services can be used as a website for your business, a mobile extension of your existing site, and/or as a tool to drive more customers to your site through SEO. We are always looking at ways to harness new technologies to help you find new ways to reach your customers.

Print Advertising:

The Robesonian is the most-used source of advertising in the area. Display advertisements are published in the News, Sports and Lifestyle sections of The Robesonian. Your message can reach our entire circulation in the Robeson County area when you include our community newspapers in St Pauls and Red Springs.
Our network allows you to saturate specific targeted areas with your advertising message, and our magazines and special publications allow you to reach niche audiences.

Insert Opportunities:

Preprint distribution is available every day except Monday in The Robesonian. Increase your penetration by also inserting into one of our community publications. Zoning is available at the ZIP code level for Robeson County.

Placing Retail Ads:

To place ROP ads, inserts or other retail print products, contact our advertising department:

- Ad Manager:
Robin Walker
Direct Line 910-272-6134

- Advertising Sales Representative:
Dyana McKenzie
Direct Line 910-272-6142


- Brittany Grant
Direct Line 910-272-6155

- David Spencer
Direct Line 910-272-6108

- Carol Richardson
Direct Line 910-272-6143


- Ashley Oxendine
Direct Line 910-272-6140

Placing Classified Ads:

To place automotive, real estate, personal property, employment or other classified ads, please contact our classified department:

Send classified Line ads via email to:

- Classified Sales Representative:
Ruth Montoya
Direct Line 910-272-6106


- Amanda Revels
Direct Line 910-272-6113

Retail Advertising Deadlines:

Tuesday Edition---Friday 5pm

Wednesday Edition---Monday 11am

Thursday Edition---Tuesday 5pm

Friday Edition---Wednesday 5pm

Saturday Edition---Thursday 5pm

Sunday Edition---Wednesday 5pm

Classified Line Advertising Deadlines:

Tuesday Edition---Monday noon

Wednesday Edition---Tuesday noon

Thursday Edition---Wednesday noon

Friday Edition---Thursday noon

Saturday Edition---Thursday 4pm

Sunday Edition---Thursday 3pm