Roberts Avenue, Elizabethtown Road repaving set to be complete in August

By Jack Frederick

LUMBERTON — Two busy thoroughfares in Lumberton might be bumpy now, but stretches of Roberts Avenue and Elizabethtown Road will offer a smooth ride once asphalt renewal projects are complete.

Re-pavement projects on the two roads began in early June and should be complete by Aug. 31, according to Michael Parker, resident engineer at the Department of Transportation’s office in Lumberton.

According to Parker, both projects will be completed by Johnson Brothers Utility and Paving Company in St. Pauls, and repaving will take place in small sections at night to have a minimal effect on traffic. Parts of the roads have already been graded.

Construction on a 3.4 mile-stretch of Roberts Avenue began on June 9. The asphalt from the railroad tracks on North Roberts Avenue to Piney Grove will be repaved. Parker estimates that the project will cost about $600,000 to complete.

Completion of nearly one mile of Elizabethtown Road will take place after Roberts Avenue is finished. The road will be repaved from the intersection at 11th Street to the intersection with Roberts Avenue. The cost for that project is expected to be around $200,000.

The two repaving projects are part of a larger project that began in 2015 to improve Lumberton roads by repaving them, or in some cases widening them. The paving of Roberts Avenue and Elizabethtown Road are the last steps in completing the contract, Parker said.

Parker said the repaving is long overdue.

“Roberts Avenue has not been paved since about 2002,” Parker said. “It was starting to get real old.”

Although there have been no significant issues, Parker said it’s recommended that roads are repaved every 15 years.

“We try to do a lot of scheduled maintenance and be proactive rather than reactive,” he said.

By Jack Frederick

Jack Frederick is an intern for The Robesonian.

Jack Frederick is an intern for The Robesonian.

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