Restricting gun rights won’tstop Orlando-like massacres

To the Editor,

People who are willing to give up their liberty for safety deserve neither.

The Democrats are trying to sucker Americans into relinquishing portions of their gun rights in exchange for false security, but the government has already proven that they can’t protect us from terrorism, which means it is our responsibility to protect ourselves. In this turbulent time, we need to be holding on to our guns, not giving them up.

Disarming the American people with short-sighted gun bans is exactly what the terrorists and criminals want. The government doesn’t need to focus on the “evils” of semiautomatic rifles; they need to focus on the terror threat, and the link between these mass shootings and the side effects of psychiatric drugs being prescribed to young men.

Obama choosing to focus on guns is a classic case of deflection. If Obama can make the Orlando massacre about “assault” rifles, then the issue won’t be about his government’s failure to stop a dangerous man who was on their radar. We do need to be more diligent in keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people, but that shouldn’t include punishing law-abiding citizens.

The No. 1 way to stop these mass shootings is to get rid of gun-free zones. Gun-free zones enable mass murderers, and provide them with target-rich environments. These lunatics are not targeting places where they know people will shoot back. They’re picking places where people are forced to be unarmed and defenseless thanks to the laws of anti-gun liberals.

Alicia Jiles



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