Cummings’ motivated by self-interest in re-election bid

To the Editor,

We now understand why Commissioner Raymond Cummings precipitously led the Robeson County Board of Commissioners to support a school consolidation plan that would have torn down 30 schools and built 14 new ones to the tune of $1.4 billion while raising your property taxes. Robeson for Advancement played a key lobbying role in support of SB554. Ironically, Robeson for Advancement, per the N.C. Secretary of State, has the same registered address as Metcon. The CEO of sfL+a led efforts in Robeson County to consolidate our schools. Robeson for Advancement, Metcon and sfL+a are partners.

Is Robeson for Advancement/Metcon and sfL+a the problem? No, they represent “big” business special interest. The problem is corrupt politicians who place special interest above those of you, the citizens. Commissioner Raymond Cummings, an obliging supporter of Metcon, made the motion and led the vote to move this plan to the pre-development stage. You may recall the rush to get it done in 45 days. Why, and at what cost?

We have a rigged political system which supports special interest that is sustained by favors, cronyism and nepotism. Commissioner Cummings can no longer be trusted to represent us. His judgment is clouded as a result of obligations to Metcon. He has no plan to move the county beyond its current crooked circumstance. His leadership is doubtful.

Raymond’s support of the original school plan would have benefitted both Metcon and sfL+a while raising the per person debt burden on you from $202 to $4,694, the highest in the state. In 20-plus years, here is Raymond’s shady vision for our county and your children’s future — highest paid county commissioners; high property tax rates; a 40-year bondage/mortgage; highest per person debt burden; and worst economic, crime, and educational outcomes in North Carolina.

Lynn E. Locklear

Red Springs

The author of the letter is a Republican candidate for the District 5 seat on the Robeson County Board of Commissioners, facing incumbent Democrat Raymond Cummings in the November General Election — editor.

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